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crazy-blind-date-ultimadvd.mp4 [487.95MB] - Hot redhead Danielle Deviance is not happy with how her blind date turned out…Eric Jover just assumed that after a fancy dinner, his date owed him a BJ, but she’s got other plans. His pathetic junk becomes her plaything for the evening, and she toys with him like a cat with a mouse. Starting slow, she slaps his cock and balls with her hand, punching his tiny nut sack, and then sits on the floor to kick him with her belted, platform boots. The tears in his eyes turn her on, and she takes off the boots to get the solid “slap” sound she wants, when the top of her foot meets his aching bits. She’s slapped, kicked and punched his junk as punishment for demanding a BJ, and now wants to see him try and jerk off as she continues her relentless assault to his manhood. He can’t even get hard with her teasing her pussy through her thong, so she gives him a little help by taking off her top, revealing her perky tits and suckable little nipples. She catches him peeking at her panties, so she decides to take them off to torment even more. All this kicking and slapping has her quite turned on, and she starts rubbing her shaved pussy in front of him. Danielle discovers throughout the process that degrading losers really turns her on, and she wants more. Wearing nothing but her plaid schoolgirl skirt, she plays with her pretty shaved pussy as she continues relentlessly kicking his aching junk until she cums. She decides to be generous and return the favor, but on her terms- she takes his cock in her mouth, and bites down hard. In-between gentle suckles and flicks of her tongue, she smacks his balls and nibbles on the head- she never said it would be a GOOD BJ. With Danielle teasing him with her hot body and mouth, only to retort with slaps. kicks, punches and bites to his junk. Making him scream and cry turns her on so much, and she is in no hurry to let him cum and ruin the fun. She spits on his cock to get it wet and stroke it, only to follow with a slap from the back of her hand, tugging on his head hard. Will she ever let him cum? Smacking, punching and kicking his manhood turned her on so much, she had to rub one out in front of him, and decides he’s earned an orgasm himself. However, a BJ to orgasm from her comes with a heavy price: his balls. Dying for release in the heat of the moment, Eric agrees, and blows his load onto her tits, with her chin catching just a bit of his epic load

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