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prison-hentaied.mp4 [4.45GB] - Emiri Momota is in big trouble, she’s a foreigner from Japan who doesn’t speak a word of English, and she just got caught by the police. We can only wonder what she has actually done, considering the policewoman is escorting her to the jail cell completely nude Emiri’s hands are cuffed behind her to the jail bars while the policewoman goes away, informing Emiri that she’ll “Get what she deserves”. Dumbfounded, scared, and lost, Emiri stands still while some strange sounds appear behind her. From the toilet behind her, an alien tentacle appears. The lights are flickering and scaring her, causing Emiri to release panicky, squeaky sounds. She feels something on her shoulder, and then it wraps around her neck, holding her still while multiple tentacles appear in front. They creep up her body and go towards her titties and clit, massaging all at once. The high-pitched panic in her voice is gone, it’s full of pleasure now as she gets aroused and pleased. The tentacles begin to release their love juices, covering Emiri’s entire body in them. She slides down totally exhausted, the tentacles break away the cuffs on her hands, and poor Emiri tries to escape by going between the bars, only to get stuck. Bent over, and with no place to move, she gets approached by the tentacles again, who are about to fill every hole of hers with juicy alien cum.

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