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she-serves-the-dog-before-daddy-s-home-wet-schoolgirl.mp4 [3.22GB] - The longer teaser for this video is available in my store. Story: I am in my room chilling when I hear some strange sounds coming from Daddy's room. Daddy isn't home, what is it then? I enter the room and I see our dog playing with Daddy's sex toy! Wow, he isn't doing the best job. I feel weird but I don't wanna leave him like that. I decide to help him. His cock is so strange, I have only ever seen Daddy's cock! I put the toy on and I start stroking. I am embarrassed but curious. He cums massively and I get intrigued. Can that turn me on? I really wanna tast that cum! It smells funky. I lay down and start giving him a blowjob. He cum again and I am cho swallowing that nasty cum. I want more. We do a second round of stroking, licking and sucking. Just as he covers my face and body with his cum, I hear Daddy getting back home. I run away horny.

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