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eroticeevee-sissy-training-1-mantra-eroticeevee.mp4 [767.16MB] - Hello, My lovely lovely sissy slut. Guess what? You're my favorite. Yes. you. I love sissies so much, and I have so much fun being slutty with you. The past years, I've been basking in My sissy adoration...speaking to you sluts...learning what makes you hot. We just vibe SO well, and my intent with my Sissy Training series is to TRULY make you feel like One of the Girls! <3 With a sprinkle of degradation, I call you out on your lil "secret", and then comfort you by assuring you that I know exactly what you like. I like it too! Let's like it together. ^_~ In this video, I have you recite a mantra that you can watch over and over again. I mean EVERY word I have you say, so I know you'll believe in yourself as well! This is just the first part of my Sissy Training series. I'm beyond excited to present this to you, because the next videos will just as enthusiastic about mesmerizing and feminizing you! Love you, bitch!! ^o^ ** It's my personal belief and lifestyle choice to approach Sissies in a fun, friendly, girly way. I'm not going to call you ugly, or anything else that degrades femininity. There's a place for that kind of kink of course, but my way of playing is more like treating you like My doll. This is no shade towards those who provide hardcore sissy degradation. I'm simply pointing out what makes Me excited about feminization. I love sissies in the sense that I'm happily guiding your journey to be the girliest girl you can possibly femme. you are My sexy girlfriend. I get so wet knowing how much panties excite you.

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