[1.06GB] Devoted Servitude 3 - Truth - Ororo Snow

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devoted-servitude-3-truth-ororo-snow.mp4 [1.06GB] - You now know the golden rule, Honesty is the only way Now I know you are thinking things are meant to be discrete so why would I ask you for so much personal information, well frankly its so that you are conditioned to tell me the things that I command from you honestly and truly at all times. If I ask anything from you, I will get it. Contrary to popular belief, our D/s relationship is not built on punishments. It is built on trust. As a Superior Woman and your Ruler, I need you to trust me. Trust that I have your best interest in mind, trust that I will never abandon you, and trust that you can always tell me anything in confidence. If you don’t trust me you will not fully serve me now will you snowflake.

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