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abdl-punishment-dakota-charms-dakota-charms.mp4 [671.60MB] - With Dakota Charms! I'm glad we met at the bar, but I'm surprised that you found my babysitting supplies. Did you really put on this pink diaper? Let's have fun as I put a pacifier in your mouth and a bib in case you start drooling. It says "Mommy loves me". you look cute and we're going to do pov bondage to make you securely bound. We're going to have a kinky night, but I'm not fucking you. In babytalk, I tell you how things are going to be different now that I'm your Mama. Get ready to have a crib, bottle feedings, burpings in high chairs, and strollers. No escaping because I love you. The most painful part of my maternal control will be changing diapers and preventing diaper rash. No butt rash for my little man. your stinky diapers mean you never have to use a toilet again. There's no need for bathrooms when you have a padded diaper butt. Remember, no escape attempts because you're my diaper slave forever. Do you like rattles, cute onesies outfits and cheek pinching? Uh oh, is there something smelly in the air? Let's check your stinky diaper. you have to get used to the diaper embarrassment. It's time for a diapee change with the babypowder and attaching the tabs. Let's go the nursery and put you in bed so Mother can do adult things. OTHER KEYWORDS - ABDL, adult diapers, diaper fetish, diaper discipline, smell fetish, verbal humiliation, mommy roleplay, Mother's Day, MILF, taboo age playing, BDSM instruction, female domination, pov femdom pov, sensual domination, non-nude, roleplaying, role playing games, fantasy, fantasies, amateur, kink, submissive/slave training, toilet fetish #Diaper #Humiliation #MommyRoleplay #FemaleDomination #SlaveTraining @DakotaCharms THIS WAS A CUSTOM and if you would like your own, please email [email protected]

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