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the-boy-the-witch-a-vore-fairytale-astrodomina.mp4 [1.23GB] - When you get lost and end up on my doorstep, you may find out this tale doesn't have such a happy ending for you! You are but a simple little 6 inch tall gnome boy that got yourself lost in the woods. After wandering for a long time you stumble across a house and knock on the door. A beautiful woman answers the door and greets you warmly, though she's very surprised because she doesn't get many visitors. But she invites you to come in and take a rest. You tell her you're hungry, lost and don't know what to do. She tells you not to worry, you can stay with her as long as you like. She seems very welcoming, but also seems oddly excited when she looks at just how small you are, and you notice her stomach grumbling. She says you can stay but only if you do your share of the work around the house, and eat whatever she decides to feed you. Over the next few weeks she begins to fatten you up, you start growing fond of each other, but you also notice she keeps looking at you as if you were at tasty morsel, making off hand comments about how 'delicious' you look.. After about a month of living with her, you confront her about your fears - that she's simply planning to eat you. To your surprise, she confesses that she's a witch and says she loves to turn little gnomes like you into her meals and can't help but think about how tasty you would be. She opens up about her dark desire and to her surprise, you confess you also have a desire for her to eat you and say you'll let her do it. She gets very excited now and says she never had a gnome actually want to be eaten before. Before she eats you though, she lets you take a tour of her huge mouth, indulging you in your fantasy and describing how great it's going to be to eat you and what you're going to experience as you slide down her throat into her stomach, only to be completely digested and be absorbed by her body. Finally the moment has come, and she uses her magical powers to turn you into a sausage. Completely at her mercy now, unable to move or run away, there's no chance now for second thoughts - you will become the witches best meal she's ever had!

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