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outdoor-water-bottle-wetlook-xxsmiley.mp4 [591.95MB] - Smiley is reading a book outside. The weather outside it sunny, but has a breeze. Smiley is sitting right in the sun, there ins't alot of shade. She is wearing dark clothing, mostly black, and it starts to heat up in the sun. She sips a water bottle and gets an idea. Her legs are getting burned up in the sun so she pours some water on her bare calves the water drips directly into her sneakers. Why not pour some water on those too right? Sneakers get warm and sweaty in this heat. Before she know is, she empties an entire water bottle all over her legs and thighs. That felt so good, she decides to use another one of her water bottles she packed on her body. She unzips her jacket and just like that, she pours a whole bottle out on her shirts. The fabric clings to her breasts. She zips back up her jacket and uses another water bottle on her jacket, sleeves and even pours some on her head. Then she stands up and pours water on her lower half and ass. Her spandex pants get very shiny when the water pours over it. She grabs another bottle from her backpack and empties on her top half this time. Making sure to wet the hair again. Smiley takes off her jacket and wrings out the water from it, then sets it aside. She goes back to wetting down her outfit with the remaining water left in the bottle. She quickly pours it out on her breasts, ass, legs and sneakers until the bottle runs out. She squeaks her sneakers wet sneakers together and shows off her dripping clothes for a little before sitting back down and enjoying her book, but this time, all cooled off

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