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midnight-snack-vore-natashas-bedroom.mp4 [285.09MB] - I've fallen topless in bed, and I'm dreaming soundly, until...what's that noise? There's a rustling under the bed. A squeaky little voice. What IS that down there? It's a tiny little man, shrunken and diminutive, spying on me while I . I grab you between my fingers and let you dangle helplessly while I decide your fate. I'm feeling predatory. I'm hungry for a midnight snack, and you look so tasty. I lick my lips. Drool drips off my fangs. There's nothing you can do now, you tiny pervert, except surrender yourself to my voracious mouth.  My mouth closes in on you, and then I back away. Am I playing with you? Am I teasing? Is this really happening? My lips close shut, and you're clinging desperately to my tongue. My powerful throat muscles contract, swallowing your little body whole. I can feel you resisting, trying as hard as you can to climb up my throat, but you're too weak. You're , inch by inch, down the full length of my esophagus and straight into my belly. Yum, yum, YUMMY in my tummy! This is just what you deserve, little perv. I can feel you kicking in my belly, but it just makes the meal that much more satisfying. I feel so full. So bloated and so satisfied.  Hey little man? You're inching down my bowels now. Guess what's going to happen to you next? I'll tell you all about it

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