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bare-bushy-backyard-butt-plug-baredays.mp4 [399.22MB] - Riley Owen knew at once she was a perfect fit for BareDays. She was already a dedicated nudist in her private time, having trained her roommates and neighbors long ago to accept her constant nudity. She is completely shameless about exposing herself in her backyard and loves nothing more than lounging in the fresh air in her birthday suit, no matter who may be watching. She loves to dance and frolic through the sunbeams to show off every pale curve of her petite figure. If you love an all-natural hairy bush, then Riley is your dream girl. Having only shaved once in her entire life, Riley's thick, untamed brunette bush proudly shows years of overgrowth. If all of this wasn't enough, Riley has one more fetish to make your heart beat faster. Not only does Riley love to relax completely naked, she is over the moon for wearing her trusty purple butt plug. She just loves the feeling of walking around outdoors while the plug probes her bare bottom with every step. This video shows off Riley's nude, buttplugged romp in every angle you want, from full-body wide shots to lingering bush closeups to long tracking shots of her plugged butt in motion. That gives you an even better view than Riley's lucky neighbors!

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