[284.92MB] Every Stroke Makes You More Pathetic - Josie Cairaway

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every-stroke-makes-you-more-pathetic-josie-cairaway.mp4 [284.92MB] - I know you want to serve Mistress Josie. I know you’re willing to do anything to become my submissive. You have been begging and pleading for months. I know that you think you’re ready but you’re nowhere near broken enough to be my slave. My slaves must be mindless drones ready to obey on a moments notice. To that end, I will be mesmerizing you and you will willingly submit total control of your mind over to me. I’m going to count backward from 10 now and then you pull out your little dick. You will stroke your worthless, pathetic little cock for me. With each stroke, you will feel more and more pathetic and worthless. More and more useless as a man, as a human. With each stroke, you will understand more and more that you’re nothing. The only thing you will ever be good for is obeying Mistress Josie’s every command. You will only be useful to laugh at while Mistress Josie punishes you for her own amusement. Now keep stroking while elaborate on your worthlessness.

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