[787.63MB] VR360*Giant Toby Shows U Off To Cameron - Ginarys Gay Guys

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vr360-giant-toby-shows-u-off-to-cameron-ginarys-gay-guys.mp4 [787.63MB] - *360 VR clip, this clip is design to work with a VR player and goggles* You were rescued by giant Toby Springs and he decided to keep you as a pet. He comes home with his friend Cameron Kincade and is surprised to see you out of your cage. Cameron can’t believe how tiny you are and wonders why Toby kept you. Toby shows Cameron how good you are at foot massages and fun it is to watch you jerk off for him. The giants strip down and wave their giant cocks in you face. Toby admits he enjoys tormenting you and can’t decide if he should keep you or just eat you. Toby hold you in his hand and encourages you to jerk your tiny cock for him. They set you down on the table and encourage you to jerk off for them. The find your orgasm disappointing and Toby thinks its time to find a new little pet so he lets Camron swallow you whole. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Toby, or Cameron? Email us today.)

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